Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Japanese university students

I think it is pretty interesting to observe Japanese university students (undergraduates) giving presentations.
Quite a few of them dress up even more formally as some of us Westerners do for a job interview: suit, neatly ironed shirt and necktie or in the case of women the typical above-knee-long skirt, blouse and jacket.
Of course, giving such a professional impression you might expect them then to give also professional presentation. The reality is, however, often somewhat different: Often they read out their text, depending on their English skills more or less fast so that it gets difficult to really concentrate on their presentation all the time. Often their slides are way too fully packed. And sometimes the content isn't of the best and most interesting quality either.
Well, of course, this does not apply to all Japanese students, but still I experienced quite a bunch of these presentations.


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