Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sunday, June 26 2005

Hi there!

Wow, I just got this link from Herr K. Very, very nice! That's the beauty of the new digital life! Not only tell people what you want to tell them but also get comments...

Well, so what can I tell you right now?
I had a very special day yesterday! My first time!
My first time, watching Scream 1 and even Scream 2. I think, I tried to watch Scream 1 about 3-4 times; but I always only made it some minutes into the movie and then was always too afraid to go on. :-) But with Gernot by my side, I finally had enough courage to go through the whole movie. And I survived it! But just until we went to bed where very exciting dreams haunted me :-).

On the left, I posted one of my favourite, quite recent pictures: Dog clothing ;-D!!! A little Biene Maja with wings and antennae.

Will probably post a comment later on again.
Until then "Gambatte kudasai"!


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